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Hand Taiyang - SI Channel


The Small Intestine channel originates from the ulnar side of the tip of the little finger, ascends along the posterior aspect of the arm to the shoulder joint. Circling around the scapula at Jianzhen (SI 9), it crosses Fufen (BL 41) and Dazhu (BL 11) to meet Dazhui (GV 14) on the superior aspect of the shoulder. Then, going down over the shoulder to the supraclavicular fossa, it connects with the HT and crosses Shanzhong (CV 17). From there it descends to the esophagus, passes through the diaphragm, reaches the ST, and crosses Shangwan (CV 13) and Zhongwan (CV 12) to reach the SI organ.

The branch from the supraclavicular fossa ascends to the neck, and further to the cheek. Through the outer canthus and passing through Tongziliao (GB 1) and Erheliao (TH 22), it enters the ear at Tinggong (SI 19).

The branch from the neck runs upward towards Quanliao (SI 18) and further to the lateral side of the nose. Then it reaches the inner canthus at Jingming (BL 1) to connect with the BL channel.

Paired Channel: 
  • Yellow sclera in the eyes, deafness
  • Frequent urination
  • Swollen cheek and neck
  • Pain along the posterior border of the lateral aspect of the shoulder and arm
  • Controls receiving and transforming
  • Separates clear from turbid
  • Separates fluids
Special Points

Five Shu Points

Jing Well: 
Ying Spring: 
Shu Stream: 
Jing River: 

Specific Points

Yuan Source: 
Luo Connecting: 
Xi Cleft Point: 
Front Mu: 

Specific Points

Lower He Sea: 
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