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Hand Yangming - LI Channel


The Large Intestine channel originates at Shangyang (LI 1) and runs upward towards Jianyu (LI 15). From there, it ascends along the anterior border of the upper arm and passes through Bingfeng (SI 12), then Dazhui (GV 14), going over the shoulder to the supraclavicular fossa at Quepen (ST 12). From here, the channel divides into two branches.

The first branch enters the body and passes through the LU organ, and then the LI organ.

The second branch runs upward towards the neck through the sternocleidomastoid muscle (SCM), Tianding (LI 17), and Futu (LI 18), passes through the cheek at Dicang (ST 4), and enters the lower teeth and gums. It then curves around the upper lip to Renzhong (GV 26), crosses the opposite side to Yingxiang (LI 20) where it connect with the ST channel. 

Paired Channel: 
  • Diarrhea, dysentery
  • Toothache
  • Pain in the neck, anterior part of the shoulders, and the anterior border of the extensors of the upper limbs
  • Receives waste from Small Intestine
  • Transforms stools and reabsorbs fluids
Special Points

Five Shu Points

Jing Well: 
Ying Spring: 
Shu Stream: 
Jing River: 
He Sea: 

Specific Points

Yuan Source: 
Luo Connecting: 
Xi Cleft Point: 
Front Mu: 

Specific Points

Lower He Sea: 
Entry Point: 
Exit Point: