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Shanglianquan (Ex-HN21)


1 cun below the midpoint of the lower jaw, in the depression between the hyoid bone and the lower border of the jaw.

  • Inability to speak, salivation with stiff tongue
  • Sore throat, difficulty in swallowing, loss of voice, stomatitis, ulcers in the tongue, acute pharyngitis, tongue ulcers, chronic laryngitis
  • Sudden coma with clenched mouth, sudden blindness or aphasia with clenched mouth, profused salivation or drooling of phlegm
Contraindicated for moxa
Contraindicated in needle manipulation (lifting, thrusting, rotating)
  • Benefit the throat and tongue
  • Disperse wind and clears heat

Puncture obliquely 0.8-1.5 cun toward the root of the tongue.


Postive signs of improvement after needling this point is that the patient will feel the throat moistening.