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Hand Taiyin - LU Channel


The Lung channel originates in the Middle Jiao and runs down to connect with the LI. Turning back, it passes up through the ST, goes through the diaphragm to enter the LU organ. It continues through the throat, emerging to the surface at Zhongfu (LU 1) and ending at Shaoshang (LU 11). Another section of the LU channel branches off at Lieque (LU 7) and runs towards Hegu (LI 4), and ends at Shangyang (LI 1) to connect with the LI channel.

  • Cough, asthma, nasal congestion, shortness of breath, common cold
  • Pain or problems along the distribution of the channel
  • Skin condition, especially relating to heat or dryness
  • Pain in the supraclavicular fossa, back, and anterior border of the medial aspect of the arm
  • Governs Qi and respiration
  • Controls channels and blood vessels
  • Controls dispersing and descending of Qi and body fluids
  • Regulates water passages
  • Controls the skin, the space between the skin and muscles, and body hair
  • Opens into the nose
  • Houses the Corporeal Soul
Special Points

Five Shu Points

Jing Well: 
Ying Spring: 
Shu Stream: 
Jing River: 
He Sea: 

Specific Points

Yuan Source: 
Luo Connecting: 
Xi Cleft Point: 
Front Mu: 
Back Shu: 

Specific Points

Entry Point: 
Exit Point: